Friday Palm Beach County caught on to the Covid-19 epidemic.  Prior to yesterday, paper products, wipes and hand sanitizer had disappeared, but stores remained prettymuch the same.  Yesterday, the meat department of Publix was stripped of all but the least desirable items.  Love chicken livers?  You were still in business.  But hamburger, chicken, beef and pork were gone.  John talked to a check out person at Publix who said someone had come in and bought $3,000 worth of chicken to stash on his yacht while he rode out the virus at sea.  This has the feeling of an urban legend but, if in the coming weeks you should see a fully feathered male of our species in Palm Beach County, he is probably the man!
I imagine that the general populace’s attention was caught by Tom Hanks and his wife having the virus and the shutting down of many sports events.  I have been putting together supplies for a 14-day home stay for a while.  Our hurricane readiness already had us in reasonably good shape.  This doesn’t mean that we get to eat whatever we want each day for two weeks.
It means simply that we will not want for nutrition.  (There are many people in this country and around the world who are not so lucky.)
This has the feel of waiting for a hurricane.  We’ve done the prep.  Now we have to see how the storm develops.  I have the same restlessness but at least we can go outside. (John is off taking photos at the moment.)  John wants to buy a jigsaw puzzle, which seems a great idea.  I have enough sewing and knitting projects to keep me happy for months.  I will continue to attend my smaller AA meeting. Thank God for e-books! The dogs are delighted to have us around.
I want to hold in the light those people on the front lines of this epidemic, the doctors, nurses,caregivers and families of those with this disease, also the many people who will be sucked into exposure by virtue of the need for services.  Know you are not alone.
We are all in this together.  Please stay calm, wash your hands and be kind to each other.