She touches me
as if I'm rock or tree
immune to time
and gravity, 
impervious to woe.
The twenty years
we’ve left
(with luck and grace)
invisible to her.
In her constant now
our cardinal sings
the mac ‘n cheese is hot.
We walk the stones in her backyard
our sacred spot.
She will have time enough
to seek me
in rocks and trees
when I’m gone.

Today she leans
against my jeans 
and turns me
briefly immortal.

7 thoughts on “GRANDDAUGHTER

  1. I love this Cynthia. I have two granddaughters and I fear I will not live to see them married or even launched into a career and thriving. I live far from them both and see them, if I am lucky once a year. They are so dear to me. I only hope that I am dear to them as well.


  2. Thank you, Marti. I doubt if I will still be here when Elsa is grown up. I live far from her now and it pains me. There is a special bond between grandparents and grandchildren. I am sure you are dear to your granddaughters.


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